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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Updated Eurogenes K13 now at GEDmatch

The new K13 population averages and genetic (Fst) distances between the inferred ancestral clusters are available here and here, respectively. To find this test at GEDmatch do this:

GEDmatch > Ad-Mix Utilities > Eurogenes > K13

Below is a 2D PCA based on the average K13 results of the European and Asian reference populations, courtesy of project member PL16.

I now have four tests at GEDmatch with Oracles: the Jtest, EUtest, K15 and K13. It's useful to keep in mind that these tests will differ in their interpretation of the data, and perhaps accuracy, depending on the ancestry of the user. For instance, the new K13 should be more useful for Central and South Asians than any of the others, because it features new reference samples relevant to them.