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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Global25 workshop 3: genes vs geography in Northern Europe

To produce the intra-North European Principal Components Analysis (PCA) plot below, download this datasheet, plug it into the PAST program, which is freely available here, then select all of the columns by clicking on the empty tab above the labels, and choose Multivariate > Ordination > Principal Components or Discriminant Analysis. This is what you should end up with...

I'd say that the result more or less resembles a geographic map of Northern Europe. Of course, if you're in the possession of your own personal Global25 coordinates, you can add yourself to this plot to check whether your position matches your geographic origin.

Please keep in mind, however, that the vast majority (>90%) of your ancestry must be from north of the Alps, Balkans and Pyrenees to obtain a sensible outcome. Also please ensure that all of the columns in the datasheet are filled out correctly, including the group column, otherwise your position on the plot will be skewed.

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